RSCDS Centenary

RSCDS Centenary Celebration

Carlisle & Border, Dumfries & Lockerbie Branches

Summer Assembly Videos

On Saturday 30th September, 2023, at Longtown, on the border between Scotland and England, three neighbouring Branches of the RSCDS (Carlisle and Borders, Dumfries, and Lockerbie) held our joint RSCDS Centenary Celebration Dance.

As part of Dance Around The World Day on 30th September 2023, we exchanged celebratory greetings and good wishes with RSCDS Branches all around the world. at the celebration these were exhibited and read – much as telegrams of congratulation were once read at wedding receptions in the UK –  to build our sense of being part of a worldwide dance community.

RSCDS Carlisle & Border Branch already had a longstanding personal connection with RSCDS Pretoria through Urisa Reungsuwan,  so we contacted Pretoria Branch to invite them to participate.  In reply they suggested that we should choose one specific dance and include it in the dance programmes  for the celebrations both in Longtown in Cumbria and Pretoria in South Africa. This we have done and we have exchanged videos of the dance “Summer Assembly” both from the Longtown dance and from our city centre dancing in Carlisle the same day.

THE SUMMER ASSEMBLY (R88) Sq.Set Roy Goldring RSCDS Book 35

1- 8 All turn RH (4 bars) and Ladies dance on 1 place clockwise passing partner RSh and all set to new partners
9-16 Repeat bars 1-8 with new partner. Ladies end opposite original place
17-32 Repeat bars 1-16 but all turning LH and Men dance on anticlockwise (pass partner LSh). All couples now with partner opposite original place
33-48 1s+3s dance RH across then 1M and 3M followed by partners dance clockwise round outside of set back to original places 2nd and 4th couples repeat
49-56 All Ladies dance Figs of 8 round their partners and corners (start by passing in front of partners)
57-64 All Men dance Figs of 8 round their partners and corners (start by passing in front of partners)
65-72 1s+3s change places (3s making an arch) and set, repeat back to places (1s make an arch)
73-80 2nd and 4th repeat (4s make 1st arch, 2s make 2nd arch)
81-88 All circle 8H round and back

(MINICRIB. Dance crib compiled by Charles Upton, Deeside Caledonian Society, and his successors)

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